Why Us?

There are many options for vacation rentals but be sure to evaluate the fine details. What sets us apart from others? Glad you asked.

Close beach access

No we aren't beach front but the access is just a short block away. Many rentals are in the middle of a second block and you have to walk around a block and then back to the middle of the block for access. Or some areas have "private only" access points. We are convenient!

Who carries around bed sheets?

Unlike other rentals we include amenities to help you enjoy your time without the added costs. We include linens on our beds, bath and beach towels, and some beach activities. Stuck with a rainy day or had too much sun? Grab one of the family games to keep everyone off their phones. If they have to be in their phones or tablets, WiFi is included.

Limited Fees

We have to charge a rental fee, cleaning fee, and taxes. VRBO and/or Airbnb.com add their own fee if you go through them.

What you don't see with us is an admin fee, a reservation fee, a linen fee, a parking fee, a resort fee, an internet fee, etc. There's nothing more frustrating than finding a "good deal" and just as you click to reserve the total price has jumped 2-fold because of all the extra fees.

Reserve through Airbnb.com Nauti1 or 2Nauti and the damage protection is already built in to their fee.

Simple and no surprises.

Direct Owner Contact

We provide the contact information to reach the owners directly. Your call will most likely be answered. At minimum a response will be in a much more timely fashion. We care too much about our home, the beach, and your experience to pass you off to anyone else. Its the personal touch that really matters.


You're not camping. This isn't a hostel. With us you will find items like dish soap, shampoo, conditioner, toilet paper, paper towels, napkins, etc. Granted we cannot guarantee everything or an unlimited supply and we do recommend you bring these items, but many places nowadays are forgetting these little items.


So many places charge a cleaning fee, and so do we. But have you seen the list of cleaning they ask you to do?! Why do you pay a fee then?! With us, we have the cleaning done for you - to include DISINFECTANT. Granted we don't want the place left in shambles and old food left everywhere, but the cleaning fee actually pays for the cleaning.

We provide amenities because "It's your vacation, not someone's empty house."